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About FailurePreneur


Hey, Everyone!

I started FailurePreneur to figure out how to make $1000 a day online AND show my friends how to do it.


FailurePreneur is here to help (YOU) early phase Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and Marketers FIND and USE the best tools to MAKE MONEY online in 2017.


Sound like you? Cool, I'm MK, but that's not important yet…why YOU are here is what's important.


-If you want to make money online but don't know where to start?


-Want to start a website but don't know anything about CMS, domains or hosting?

-Don't want to get scammed?

-Don't want to waste time (and loads of money) testing tools and software?

-Want to learn HOW to sell, WHAT to sell and WHERE to Sell?

-Maybe you're job's getting replaced by a robot with a cute corporate “PC” name.

-Or (this one is my fave) maybe you want to watch someone crash and burn trying to figure out how to create financial freedom?

If you are any (or most) of these things, you found the right place! (except for the crash and burn bit) I really want to disappoint you if you're here for that:)


OK, back to the gritty details…My name is MK. I launched Failurepreneur in January of this year (2017).

Who am I and why it matters?

I've been in SALES since I sold my first Motorola StarTac over the phone in 1997, but my first sale was in 1990;


I found out my classmates thought tattoos were cool so, I figured out what designs they liked and charged them to draw “tattoos” on their arms (with permanent markers) I was in the 2nd Grade:)

By 3rd Grade, I was selling homemade popsicles and li hing mui suckers to tourists at the Beach (in Hawaii) where I'm from.


In 2003 I dropped out of College in Utah, so I could focus on a Career in Cell Phone Sales (it was good money back then). I went from a sales guy to Store Manager in six months.


On New Year's day 2005…(a month after being “downsized” when Radio Shack bought the company I worked for) I packed up my family and moved to Vegas to manage another Cell phone store.

In 2006, to get my first Sales job at a Car Dealership (I really love cars), I talked a random guy in a Casino into giving me his ENTIRE pack of cigarettes as part of my interview process.


One year later I was the Internet Sales Director at that car dealership…having to make up the online marketing rules as I went.

I made marketing emails from scratch and used (early) social media (Myspace anyone?) to get customers while other sales guys used it to find a date.


By the time I left to Start another car dealership, my department had averaged 67% of total dealership sales.

I was unstoppable…failing into better opportunities and more and more money. I was living the dream. I was an arrogant prick, but I was on top of the world.


I owned my own home (at 24 years old), multiple cars and, trucks, a (small) Cabin in the mountains, a Condo by the lake with a Boat, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles…If I wanted it, I bought it; everything was a phone call away.


Fast forward to 2009. The Recession, $5 a gallon gas prices (poor planning) destroyed (me) and my car dealerships.

I was putting out fires instead of fireproofing,


I didn't prepare, I had no backup plan, and I spent the last of my savings to make payroll. I thought I could Hustle my way out of it, like always. I was wrong.

I lost everything!


Not just my toys or my expense account, worst of all I lost my confidence, my Moxy, my swagger. Humble pie tastes like shit (yes I know what that tastes like) but that's another story.


Maybe I've matured since (2009), but I don't care about the toys this time around. They were only distractions.


I want to create something that will outlast me. To build something from nothing. Something of real value.


Why would I share my personal and professional failure with you?


Because…I'm still here, grinding. If I can do it so can you. There is an old Japanese Saying that goes like this.

“If life knocks you down seven times get up eight times.”


If you want to Start something, just do it. Take action, even if it's only one step at a time. Whatever you do don't stop, keep at it. Learn, grow, create.


Join me on this journey. I'd love to share everything I learn with you. Subscribe to my newsletter, and I promise only to share relevant tools and tips with you.

Subscribe to my newsletter.


I promise only to share relevant tools, tips, and experiences with you.

All the Best,