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An Important question to ask when you start out.

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Can I make money online?


Simple enough right.  Simple questions beget simple answers…usually.  When you try and find a way to make money online serious caveat, YMMV.  So the answer to my question of “can I make money online?” lead to some of these results.

Can I make money online

There are loads of ways to make money online, here are some of the best.

The cool thing about the opportunities above is…they can all be used as part of a positive feedback loop.  Just like the internet itself the more connections, the more authority, the more authority, the more possibility to generate revenue.

The rule of 3, or what I call the “Trinity Theory.”

I have this theory that almost everything can distil into three basic components.  I also use the rule of three to narrow down lists of what I need or want to do.  I thought I came up with this clever concept but unfortunately no, there are a lot of concepts around things involving three components.  Ok, so I am currently using (TT) to build a business online.  I'm mixing the following three components to answer the question of  “can I make money online?”

  1. Blogs
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Email Marketing

Upon closer inspection, however, these three components seem to be symbiotic in nature.  I blog, I share a product or service I believe in(Affiliate Marketing), and I email my subscribers to share my thoughts.  Although three different ways to make money online, they are really only one way to make money bundled together.

Choose your own Trinity, or what three will it be?

To make things simple on yourself you should really only focus on ONE and only one way to make money online but the different ways can and are intertwined.  So with that being said, Choose your three and build them out so the work very well together for you in a positive feedback loop.

Simple enough right?

If you read this far you may be wondering,

that's great and all but I dont know how to start a blog, how to market or even how to market through email.  

Well, you are in luck.  Because neither did I and, truthfully I'm working on it as I write this.  The biggest advantage I've given myself to achieve my goals online has been to join online communities that mentor up and coming Entrepreneurs.  The best by far (in my opinion) is Wealthy Affiliate.  Although I'm fairly certain you can find every piece of training Wealthy affiliate has online somewhere else, it is going to be labor intensive, not well organized and costly.


I'm not shy about sharing how much money I burned trying to piece together something great only to find out I could find it all at Wealthy Affiliate.  Don't make the same mistake I did.  You don't have to go it alone and waste time, energy and money.  Join a community that wants you to succeed and even teaches you step by step.


All the best,




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