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Hello World? FailurePreneur is born!

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What is a FailurePreneur? That is a really good question, a question that to answer, has taken me down many paths.  Hey, Guys!  I'm MK, and this is where I will document my journey from inexperienced in ALL THINGS online to an online Professional, whatever that is;)   A few years ago I was wondering around Barnes & Noble in Orem, Utah.  My favorite past time when I'm there in Utah visiting Family is wondering around Book Stores and Art Galleries.  I picked up a book meant for “dummies” about ways to make money online.  I read the hell out of it!  I told myself I was going to try all of the methods in that book.  I thought “if only I knew just a little more about ways to make money online.”   That thought launched my quest to consume book after book, website after website about “ways to make money online,” “ways to make money from...