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How to make 1000 a day online

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How to make 1000 a day online.

This headline is all over the Internet right?  Who doesn't want to make $1000 a day online?  This is where I'm supposed to tell you to keep reading and I'll reveal my secret for a small price and only for a limited time.  This is where your hopes and dreams of being financially free are (normally) dependant on how much money you have to sign up for some Internet Marketing product or coaching service.

Rest easy and rest assured, there are no hard sells here.  Just personal expericence.  Gleaned from trial and error.

Making a 1000 a day online is not as hard as you think.  In fact, the future of Entrepreneurship is being created by people who are working towards $1000 a day and achieving it.  They set their sights on higher dollar amounts every day.  Earning money online can be and very well is addictive.

Once you realize the only limits to making money online is yourself, it becomes very important to have positive psychology or start cultivating it.  This is one reason why Entrepreneurs and CEOs alike read so many books:)

So… On to how to make $1000 a day online.

It's really simple…Build a list of 10k followers.


Did you just roll your eyes at me?  Ok, I understand.  You have probably been demoralized by the onslaught of shady marketers and Ad-Men telling you the world is yours, but only if you pay them $99 per month for the rest of your life right?

That's not what this is at all.  Be warned though, this takes work.  But guess what, you are already working and working for someone else I might add.  Why not work on yourself, for yourself, to become your best self?

Your best “Self” can and should be = Healthy, Wealthy, Happy.

Ok. back to the 10,000 followers.  As of this article, there are just under 7,500,000,000.00  (I agree that is a metric F*** ton of people).

Why can't you create enough value right now, where you are, with what you have, to get 10,000 of those people to want to follow you?  The answer is you absolutely, without a doubt can (will) get 10,000 people to listen to you.  Build value.  Build the following.  Build a list.  Build a small (at first;) fortune.


Why the number of 10,000 followers are important



Internet Marketing reports state the average dollar amount per follower on your email list to be $1-$3.

Some Lists are more niche than others and have more influence on a very specific thing.  Those lists trend to be more along the $3 per follower Avg.

To reach an average of $1000 per day you only need to get 10,000 people to agree with you, to like you and to trust you.  Once you have earned the trust of 10,000 people by establishing authority on a subject you can start to ask for a little more than just trust.  You can parlay authority into Affiliate marketing or product sales, digital and/or physical.

*DON'T misplace their trust.  Your list is your life*

Ok, so to recap (and highlight) why a list of 10,000 people is important is as follows;


How to build a list of 10,000 people.

“One person at a time”

Just like the old adage about eating an elephant, one bite at a time, approach business the same way, one action at a time.  When you start out to build your list start with what makes you different from everyone else.  It's there, you just have to find the courage to express it.

You are ONE in 7.5 Billion people on earth.  But…You have unique experiences and have gone through circumstances in environments that no one else has.  It's time to zero in on that and monetize it.  You are a person, yes, but like it or not, in 2017 you are also a Brand.  What does your brand say about you?

Do you remember that all-encompassing question that Parents and Teachers would ask you growing up,  “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

What if your answer was “Myself?”  How different would your life be?


Now that you are an adult, you may or may not have figured it out.  Don't worry.  You can answer the question starting today.

Or, if you are asking yourself “what do I want to do with my life?” you can answer that today too.

Here are some ways to help you figure out what you want to talk about;

This is in no way an all-inclusive list.  It's just a pregame of sorts.  A few ideas to get you going.


What to do once you know what you want to say.


Option A)

Option B)

(You don't own the domain here so it's harder to scale.  You don't own your brand, you're renting it)


Now is the time.  Take action.  Improve your condition.  Learn.  Grow.  Go!  Create the life you've always wanted by being real, being yourself and sharing your knowledge and quirks with others like you.


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