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Starting an online business at home is fun!

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Starting an online business at home is fun.

As it should be.  What are you doing right now that is fun but wasting your time?  For a lot of guys playing video games are killing a ton of time.  We never get time back…never.  I  know I personally spent far more time playing games over the course of my life than id like to admit, especially games like Madden and Civ.  The great thing about our species though is Choice.  At any given time we have a lot of freedom to choose.  So choose yourself and choose to start something for yourself.

When playing Madden, I spent the majority of my time organizing my roster, trading, scouting, training and pretty much just managing.  Full Gamer nerd disclosure here, I was pissed when they got rid of managing concessions merchandise and seats, I lit up the Mods at EA every day for a year.  They ignored me, it wasn't really that important I guess.  But…I loved managing the intricacies of my team.

If managing a video game was fun, why couldnt managing an online business be fun?

I started thinking that If I could take a crappy team in a game and manage them to the Championship why couldn't I do the same thing with something in “real” life as an online business.

Here's where Gamification comes in

I read about Gamification a few years ago, but really, gamification is just another way to describe making something fun and engaging.  When it comes to engaging, few distractions can compete with excellent video games.

I once played a video game for 176 hours straight!

(Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero)  I still own that record among my friends. Thank you Ripped Fuel and Pizza!

Those days are long gone, but If I could play a stupid game for 176 hours straight why can't, I take that same amount of time and put it towards something useful, like building a business.  We all have the same twenty-four hours in every day.  What are we doing about it, though?  Take every hour, minute and second of every day and spend it on your future.

Don't forget to see it as a game.

Gamify it and set your own “achievements” and “rewards.”  Create a system for yourself, whatever works for you.  If you don't believe you can do this (because yes, you can), you may need to address your mindset.

“Mindset” is a huge deal, especially when just starting out in something.




So there's this pretty great book titled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.  If you haven't read it, order it now.  Seriously, this second, stop reading this and order it.  If it helps you anywhere near as much as it helped me, your life will never be the same.

I have given this book out to more friends, family, and employees than any other book.

This book helped me realize that skills are “learned” and can be acquired.  If you have a growth Mindset, you see opportunities EVERYWHERE.  If however, you have a “fixed” mindset everything seems concrete and unchangeable.  For me, this equates to an Abundance vs. Scarcity mentality.


When I was younger, I was considered a model Athlete.  I was naturally gifted in sports like Football, Wrestling, and Track & Field.  Everyone considered me to be an athlete and thus labeled me a “Jock.”  This was the “fixed” category people around me tried to put me in.


Why do I share all of this with you?

I got trapped in this fixed mindset trap that I allowed to define me.  I allowed others to define me based on pre-conceived labels.  It stood in the way of me taking action on starting an online business.  I thought I needed to be someone else with some other skills that I did not possess to start a business.  I hope you do not make the same mistake I did.

If you want to start a business online just do it, just start.  If you dont think you have what it takes step back and ask yourself why.  If people around you are discouraging you, ignore them or cut them from your team.  Dont let them hold you back becasue you are doing something they dont have the courage to.  You got this!

Don't let others define you and be careful on what you define yourself as.  You can get better; you should focus your efforts on constantly improving.  My Grandfather had a word for this “Kaizen.”  I agree, but I also call it Self-Actualization.

Start something online and have fun…Who knows, you just might make a really good living doing something you like.

What are your thoughts on starting a business online?  Do you think you can make money having fun?  Share your thoughts below.  I'd love to hear what you think.



All the best,





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  1. Rae

    August 29, 2017

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    I loved this article. It was very encouraging and motivating. Thank you!

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